Finding Your ‘Garden of Eden’

As one travels the path of life, one begins with externalities as their reality. As the passage of time reveals that internality is the path homeward, and they discover if they venture into it, one finds the beauty and grace of the internal world.

As we begin our life journey, we tend to think that everything we see outside with our senses are real and anything else we don’t see as an illusion. For this reason, since time began as we evolve, we have been told of this wonderful place called the ‘Garden of Eden’, the place where everything began, this place is heaven. As it is, we seek outside for this heaven, this Garden of Eden. We go to the furthest reaches of the world in search for this garden, but we fail over and over again to finding such a paradise called the Garden of Eden.


We go outwards, just as we venture from our home only to return later in the night.

We seek for this Garden of Eden outside, but actually it is inside, at home, all the time.

We have been looking at the wrong place, it is always with us, it never left us, only that we were too blind to see and not know, because our perceptions overwhelms us to believe the external world is the only one there is.

There are two worlds for this discussion.

A world inside us that is constantly creating and a world outside of us that is the result of our creating inside, the world of the created.

A world inside and a world outside.

Everything that is created in our world, our reality is from our ‘mind’, inside. Other then nature to which was created before we, the humanity came into being. Other than what nature is, everything else is ‘human made’, human created.

The world within is a world of creating!

The world without is a world of created!

The world within IS the Garden of Eden!

The world without IS the world of the Fallen!

Lets put it this way…

The world was created perfect, called the garden of Eden.

Then as the outer world was created, the garden of Eden was surrounded by, in the world outside became, hence it was subject to the world outside’s influence, the environmental factors like wind, insects, birds, water etc.

The wind blew, the seeds of weeds was blown into the garden of Eden. The seeds gets hold and began to grow, the weeds. Soon the garden no longer looks like the perfection it was, it was hidden in weeds, the garden still exist, only hidden from view!

Someone begin to ponder and look outside but fails to find, because the weed were so long they no longer see the big picture, the garden to which it all began, then someone decided to remove the weeds in the world outside to slowly reveal the garden. Slowly but surely the weeds are removed and soon it was revealed and the more excited the person became, the more passionate the discovery began and soon the weeds are all gone, the garden revealed itself and the person took rest to enjoy the garden.

Many people stop there, to enjoy.

The journey continues, the weeds were ‘pulled’ out, soon, the garden because of the rest, begin to grow again, the weeds fill the garden again, the gardener is left un-aware of the weed growing because the gardener has taken holiday, only to find when the gardener returns, the garden of eden was once again gone.

Because the gardener knows where it is now, the gardener sets to work on clearing and revealing the garden once more, pulling out the weeds, this time more effective, shorter time required to clear the weeds to disclose the garden of Eden… Only one thing, every time the gardener cleans it, pulled away the weeds, the weed will grow back in a shortest time. Even though the gardener was more effective at pulling the weed away, it still comes back. The gardener is confused and wonder, wonder the gardener did. The garden wonders away from the garden of Eden in search of a solution of the growing weed, the gardener wants to remove the weeds once and for all without having to repeat, routinely remove the weeds and allow the garden of Eden to remain the garden of Eden, absence of weeds.

Confusion sets in to wonder how to clear the weeds once and for all, the weeds grow taller and taller until the gardener can no longer find its way out of the garden, the gardener is totally lost and confused, frustrated at the same time. One gardener would slash out at the weed only to grow tired and fall asleep, another would sit quietly among the weeds to wonder about the solution of the growing weeds.

One would soon return to the garden of Eden when the gardener awakes, the weeds were miraculously cleared and gone, it is again at the garden of Eden, again with the passage of time, the weed began to grow away and the situation repeats itself, only that every time the gardener awakes, he also forgets about the past, the tending to the garden was forgotten, the garden of Eden process is repeated over and over again…

The other gardener who sit quietly to ponder and wonder, finally realizes that the garden of Eden is right here all the time, the weeds grow because the ’cause’ is still there, the ‘seeds’ of the weeds exist below the soil, blown in from the world without (external world). To solve the weed issues once and for all, all the gardener need to do was to ‘pull the weed out and remove the seed’, this way, the weed will end its reign and the weed stop populating the garden of Eden.

This was a realization that the gardener needed, now the gardener sets out to clear the weeds at the cause. Slowly but surely the weeds was cleared and never to return again. The gardener now lives in the garden of Eden, free from the weeds of the external world. The interesting thing was this, the gardener realizes, when the garden of Eden is maintained, the world outside changes also, it begins to mimic the garden of Eden and soon, the world external, our reality becomes the world within, the garden of Eden.

The gardener realizes that, in order to change the world outside, it must first begin from the world within, from the garden of Eden, by slowly removing all the weeds from the world within, at its cause, then and only then will have the time to appreciate all its work to live in the beautiful garden of Eden from which it began its journey called life!

Maintaining a garden takes time and effort.

It is your garden of Eden, if you treasure your garden, maintain it.

Sure there will be weeds here and there, slowly discover the roots, pull it out and ‘remove’ the seed below and it will slowly be cleared.

It is your garden, you are the gardener, tend to it, maintain it, slowly but surely, thy work be done, thy garden of Eden be revealed with your insistence of seeing and living in your garden of Eden. Sooner or later, with the maintenance, you will have the paradise reflected in the world without, soon heaven be here in the world without and you are in heaven, for you have found your garden of Eden to which you live in now!

Now you know, begin to tend to your garden of Eden today!

By the way, the Garden of Eden in ‘external world’ terminology, it is called ‘mind’.

Tend to your mind, weed out what you don’t want slowly, one at a time, remove the causes and all is revealed. How to remove it? That’s another story!

Happy clearing the weeds from your Garden of Eden.

The Green Art Movement Inspires Eco-Friendly Interior Design

In the last decade, we Americans have witnessed a surge of renewal. As a nation, we are trying to renew our democratic political system, our economy and especially our environment. As former vice president Al Gore has famously brought to our attention the threat of global warming and rapid climate change, American citizens are beginning to see the errors in their over-indulgent ways, and they are really trying to change. This shift toward a more ecologically sound lifestyle includes the production of art, crafts and household items, that add elements of interior design to a home as well.

This is how the new green arts movement has begun to take shape, quietly, over the last decade, along with many other environmentalist movements. The green arts movement can be seen as a revival of earlier twentieth century arts and crafts movements that took place during the Great Depression era. In other words, it is a shift away from the commerce-oriented gallery art, that is devoid of function and inaccessible to almost everybody except for an extremely wealthy, elite class of people. Instead, green artists craft functional items that double as art. This functional art includes the hand-crafting of clothing, dishware, furniture, clocks, and many other household items made from recycled, organic and sustainable materials.

Yet another important part of the green art movement is the importance of interaction between the artists and the people who buy their work. For instance, street-artist duo Nicola Armster and Brendan Smith scavenge the streets, alleys, distilleries and other abandoned worlds of New York City to find recycled wood and metal out of which they craft furniture and other interior design-inspired home items. However, to them, one of the most important parts of their artistic process is the way in which they sell their art. Along with countless other local vendors, they sell their art directly to the people in parks, at street fairs and pretty much wherever they can. The way they vend their art, emphasizing the humanistic, communal aspects of the commerce of craft, is a step away from sterilized, expensive, gallery art, where you never meet the person who made it, nor does the artist meet the people who love and appreciate their work.

If you are thinking about renewing your home’s interior design, or just interested in local arts and crafts movements, than learning about local, organically made, sustainable furniture and home crafts, can help to inspire renewed efforts in home design, as well as support local street artists.

Finding the Right Personal Trainer For Business Development

A personal coach for business development is a teacher that will aid you to understand your dreams, ambitions, and achieve success through cautious gradually planning and processes. The personal trainer for business development is there to aid you with resources, support, motivation, and planning of your enterprise venture. You can see a personal trainer for business growth in a number of different ways, and in many places. The key is to find the proper personal trainer for business development for you.There are several things to think about when seeking a personal instructor for development. The initial thing that you will be likely to consider is cost. To that end, you will need to shop around for the lowest price for a private instructor. There are many private trainers available at various outlays. The least expensive and most qualified private trainers for business development are accessible through government and community agencies.One such agency is S.C.O.R.E., which is associated with the Small Business Administration. This group of business professionals and personal trainers are obtainable to you with inside information about legal matters, tax matters, registration requirements, and the best structure options for your concern venture. This type of info is essential, and likely one of the reasons that you are searching for a personal coach for development in the first place. S.C.O.R.E., like other private trainers, will in addition have info accessible to you about resources for funding, grants, loans, and other finances that you may well be unaware of.You likewise want to ensure that the trainer that you choose specializes running a business development. They’re many different types of private trainers for various types of personal and professional development. Finding a private instructor that specializes running a business development is the best method to have the support and resources that you need to be successful in your concern venture.They’re several steps that your own private trainer for business development will lead you through to help you make a successful business. First, your own personal trainer will ensure that the company that you want to develop is a sound business venture. To perform this, the personal trainer will take your skills, talents, experience, and resources into consideration. Once these assessments are completed, the personal trainer will help you with your enterprise development by walking you through the steps of a marketing and business plan.When you’re ready, the personal trainer will help you to develop your concern by going through the plans that you made while under their care and tutelage. If any problems arise or you start to have doubts, your personal trainer for business development will be there for support, guidance, and resources.While you can certainly handle these matters on your own, it can be very helpful to have the assistance and the advice of someone that really knows the intricacies of starting a company venture. The personal trainer for business development will be your easiest and most valuable asset in your professional arsenal. He or she will be in a position to assist you with funding, planning, implementing, marketing, infrastructure, technology issues and decisions, patent or trademark protective cover, and other places of business development and business law.